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Ask me stuff   This is a blog created for myself to inspire me to lose weight. I am not pro ana or pro mia

I am all for loving your body no matter what weight or size but I also believe in making your body better, stronger, and healthier.

Clean eating and good exercise...let the change begin!

SW: 165lbs 75kg
GW: 150lbs 68kg
GW: 140lbs 63 kg
GW: 135lbs 61 kg
Current Body Fat % = 23%
Body Fat % Goal = 15%

Oh yeah if you get messages from a thats my personal blog///just letting you know

Sam is an excellent fellow, and would jump down a dragon’s throat to save you, if he did not trip over his own feet.

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Some suggestions for your workout today.

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If you don’t understand why people don’t like the big bang theory, once in an episode the cast was at a comic store browsing and a woman walked in, and one of the leads said “Is she lost?” and that was the joke.

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Hogwarts house hats are starting to be made now.

Here’s Hufflepuff!

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